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Welcome to Recharge Therapy

Recharge Therapy is changing the way physical therapy is delivered. We set ourselves apart by providing one-on-one physical therapy treatment sessions with a licensed physical therapist each time. You will spend the full hour with the therapist; No aides, trainers, or Pilates instructors. Only you and the therapist working together to get better quicker.

Free Phone Consultation

Not sure if Recharge Therapy is a right fit for you? Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Carri. 

Our Philosophy

We believe the body has an amazing ability to heal itself and we are here to coach you to optimal health. We want to empower you on your health journey, teach you how to help yourself, and guide you along the way. Our ultimate goal is that you don't need us.

We believe in a lot of education to help you understand your condition and how to heal. The therapist will not be working with you and other patients at the same time. Each session you are working with the PT the entire time.  

This ensures you have the highest quality care in order to achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time possible. Most patients feel a difference after the first session and many are better in 3-6 sessions.  


Unlike many other PT clinics that require you to come in 2x/week and make you do exercises on your own during that time, you will never be left alone at Recharge Therapy.  

Because of this very individualized approach to physical therapy care, we do not accept health insurance, although many of our clients are able to submit their superbill to their insurance company and receive some reimbursement. We are able to guide you through that process.  Payment is due at the time of service in the form of cash, check, credit card, FSA, or HSA.

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Download our FREE Information:

Download our free reports on ways to help ease your pelvic, tailbone, and pregnancy related pain.​

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