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Educational Courses and Videos:


Bladder Masterclass

(This one is free!)

Take my FREE bladder masterclass! Learn 3 ways to decrease bladder leakage, all without doing kegels. We discuss different practices you can begin incorporating everyday to help you enjoy life without looking for the nearest bathroom. 

Click the button to get immediate access to this free online course. 

Preparing the Pelvic Floor for Birth +  Beyond

This mini course includes more than 1 hour of education broken into bite-size pieces of information. You will learn how to prepare your pelvic floor for childbirth and beyond. Including stretches to prepare the pelvic floor muscles for vaginal delivery, techniques to decrease the risk of tearing during vaginal delivery, labor positions, and what a typical postpartum pelvic floor healing timeline looks like.

4 Week C-Section Recovery Course

This 4-week series includes weekly videos with instructions on how to massage the scar, how to check for diastasis recti, how to engage the core muscles properly, plus more. You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask Dr. Carri any questions about the videos. It will also be a chance to connect with other C-section moms. This is for every C-section mama, whether you gave birth this year or 10+ years ago. 

Postpartum Exercise Video

This 20-minute exercise video focuses on connecting our brains to our changing bodies by strengthening primarily our core muscles including abs, pelvic floor, hips, and butt. This is a compilation of the most common exercises Dr. Carri has given to her postpartum clients over the years. It is a great starting place for the newly postpartum mom. It is safe to start at anytime postpartum and highly recommended to complete before returning to any higher level exercise postpartum.

Cycle Without Pelvic Pain

In this course you will learn how to get your body moving better in order to decrease any pelvic pain with cycling. Dr. Carri takes you through the exercises she teaches her clients in the clinic in order to help them move better so they have less pain with cycling. You will learn spinal flexibility exercises, hip flexibility exercises, core strengthening, and why each of these are important to decreasing pelvic pain with cycling.

Fix Your Tailbone Pain: At-Home Version

This online course will teach you the exact exercises to do to relieve your tailbone pain at home, on your own. It also includes how to do self-massage to relieve the tightness and discomfort. This is ideal for those who cannot make it into the clinic.

Strength Training at Home

If you prefer a DVD version, click here.

A great way to strengthen your pelvic floor without doing kegels! This video is more than 40 minutes of low-impact, joint-friendly, at-home strength training. It was designed by a physical therapist and includes instruction to make it harder or easier. Minimal equipment is required. You can do the entire video at once or do it in sections. There are 7 different sections: upper body strengthening, lower body strengthening, upper body stretching, lower body stretching, balance, core strength, and lower back stretching.

Be The Boss Of Your Bladder

This online course will help you retrain your bladder. It can help you gain confidence to make it to the toilet on time, not miss out on life events due to having to go constantly, and give you the ability to leave the house without constantly stressing about where the next bathroom will be! Let us help you live a stress-free bathroom life!

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