Here are a few testimonials from past clients. I have the best clients and I am so grateful for them!  

Wow, Dr. Carri Dominick is a true professional who has an amazing knowledge and understanding of the body. She listened to my issues and concerns and immediately began addressing those issues in our first session. She was quick to understand my unique situation and was also very reassuring that many women deal with similar issues to mine and it can be solved! What amazed me the most was that RELAXING was a huge part of my treatment and recovery. I have never had any practitioner explain that I need to relax, why, and what exactly that looks like to help my body heal. She was also great at helping me understand what was going on in my pelvis, especially when I thought I was regressing. It was actually all part of the healing process. Thanks to Carri, I have recovered and am able to get back to my favorite activities. Thank you so much Carri; you are such a blessing to me!   --SN

I highly recommend Dr. Carri. I could echo each one of the previously posted reviews. I will add, Dr. Carri totally put me at ease immediately after meeting her. She eased all my fears with accurate information on my situation. That was such a huge relief for me. As she addressed the issue I made the appointment for, she also helped me through an different ongoing situation. She taught me correct exercises to help and instructed what exercise to eliminate. That has made a huge difference in eliminating pain! Little extra tips have been very, very helpful. Dr. Carri is very knowledgeable and caring. It is a big plus that she is only with one patient at a time. You are her priority!   --LD

Was having some female issues that I thought would go away with time. A year later it was worse. I so happened to stumble across Dr. Carri at the perfect timing and knew what she specialized in could maybe help me finally. She was so kind and professional and made the exam (external and internal) very comfortable. After the visit my issue was SOLVED. She made me feel so much better mentally about it as well. The one things that really stood out from my visit was how sincere and kind she was. I was telling my fiance after "she was so cool, like I wanted to ask her if she wanted to grab lunch and hang out, I mean what better way to start a friendship than a vaginal exam right?" Thanks again Dr. Carri.   --CB

Dr. Carri's physical therapy practice is amazing. She spends a full hour, one on one, each session, listening to your needs, investigating sources of dysfunction/pain, and has great hands on manual skills. She understands that life is busy, and makes it easy to incorporate exercises into my day. Very sweet, big heart, really wants to see you get better!! So grateful to have a pelvic floor PT specialist in the Long Beach area!!   --SD

Dr. Dominick is amazing! Kind, smart, calm, easy to talk to, and a good listener--everything a tired and emotional new mama needs! I saw her for postpartum therapy, but she helped me with so much more than that. For each session, she worked with me one-one-one, showing me different exercises, which she then put together into an individualized plan that she emailed after the session was over. I saw improvements in the areas where I was having issues, and I also learned things about my posture and form that I didn't know before! She also hosts lots of workshops and classes that are prenatal and postpartum related. I recommend her to all of my mama friends if they need prenatal/postpartum therapy. PPT health can feel like a taboo topic, but Dr. Dominick normalizes and validates your PPT experience. Every PPT mama should see her!   --RL

I want to shout from the rooftops about how amazing Dr. Dominick is! I went to see Dr. Dominick at Recharge Therapy after spraining my ankle pretty badly. She was thorough in her questioning and examination and totally gentle with my ankle. I absolutely love how she didn't just perform exercises on my ankle--she taught me how to do them at home at my convenience, and that was huge for me. She even gave me all of the supplies I need to do my exercises at home, and sent a follow up email with instructions!!! Thank you Dr. Dominick for your professionalism and friendliness. I was so comfortable in your adorable office, and while I hope I don't have to return soon (haha), I will refer you time and time again to my friends and family!  I should be back in heels in no time, Thank you!!!!   --DF

Dr. Dominick is great! I went to her for lower back pain which was a result of my pregnancy/diastasis recti. She provided one-on-one treatment throughout the entire appointment, with a lot of hands-on manual therapy. She also taught me a lot of exercises to do at home which have continued to help me. I highly recommend her!   --RJ

Dr Dominick was great. I have Achilles tendonitis, and she was able to work with me to develop some exercises and teach me some taping techniques to help stabilize my ankle when I am working out or doing all of my various sports. She also has been very responsive in following up in email questions and is quick to respond. I mean, how often are you able to ask questions via email of your therapist? Almost never!   --ME

My experience with Dr. Carri at Recharge Therapy was amazing! I was a little skeptical at first if my problem would ever be solved but she reassured me it would be, even if it took some time. She was very accommodating of my schedule as well which was a huge plus for me. I am so happy I went to her for my issue. She made it not as awkward and answered any and every question I had. Getting help from her literally changed my life--the initial problem has completely gone away. I highly recommend her for your physical therapy needs!   --CM

I had pain due to endometriosis (for decades) and was also experiencing back pain that interfered with my work. My primary care physician recommended PT for both, pelvic floor and sciatica. I had very little faith that the issues with endometriosis would be resolved after having met with multiple doctors, who either, didn't believe me, attributed pain to aging/menopause or prescribed Naproxen. Carri took care of it, all of it! She showed me simple exercises that took little time out of my day, exercises I could do at work, or anywhere. More important, with this regime, I realized I needed to turn my focus from caring for others to caring for myself, even, if it was just for a few minutes a day. Since the exercises don't take long it is easy to be consistent and it helps keep the pain at bay. I am so very grateful she took my endometriosis pain seriously and most of all helping me get rid of the pain that kept me up at night. I honestly do not feel endometriosis pain at all, anymore. I was even considering surgery!! SMH. Not only did I gain an amazing PT that I highly recommend, but, also encountered a doctor who REALLY cares. She is supportive, caring and knowledgeable. I always felt safe and heard. She also followed up with PT exercise by email so that I remember what I need to do in between visits. The office environment is calming and clean, parking is easy and the location is accessible and easy to find. You will be really happy you chose Dr. Dominick, I am.   --RA

I went to Carri following months of severe migraines, neck, shoulder, back pain, a trip to the emergency room, days of no sleep, trips to the chiropractor etc. due to TMJ issues. If you have TMJ you know what I mean. I wish I had seen her sooner!!! I was referred to her by a neuromuscular dentist. Had I undertaken the PT exercises prescribed by Carrie from the beginning I may well have avoided the dental and chiropractic visits, but no matter, I am glad I went to her when I did. She is very good at diagnosing for TMJ issues as it is one of her specialties. The exercises I needed took only a few minutes a day and I saw improvement within just a few days!! I created a list of the exercises and put it in my bathroom so I wouldn't forget to do them because they worked so well to bring my jaw back into alignment and to relax my head and neck muscles. So now I am eating and sleeping well and continue to do my exercises as needed. They have really helped my posture as well. A typical session involved taking measurements of my jaw mobility, reviewing exercises, practicing some of the movements, and best of all a session of massage on my neck, shoulders and face. I felt great every time I left her office! :) If you are having issues do make an appointment to see her! I can't recommend her  highly enough!! She is a compassionate and skilled physical therapist in this specialty. But you do have to do your exercises!!!! :)   --KH

I was referred to Dr. Carri for pelvic floor and hip pain. She was able to address my concerns and release some muscles that would just not relax. But more importantly, she educated me about how to take better care of myself and encouraged me to be patient and consistent with my home program. Dr. Carri is pleasant and approachable, and is open to answering any 'female' question you may have! I never felt embarrassed and I was always treated with care. I recommended many of my female friends to Dr. Carri. And now I can say I don't pee and sneeze at the same time! And I'm only 35! There is lots of parking. The office is clean and well kept. She also follows up via email and will collaborate with other health care professional about treatment if necessary. Thank you, Dr. Carri!   --KM

Dr. Carri is great! Was having pretty terrible neck pain. She listened and took note of what my symptoms were and asked thoughtful questions to identify why I could be experiencing this. And she answered all the questions I had as well! Super thankful for the massage therapy and the suggestions on what modifications I could do at work to avoid this. Would definitely recommend.   --JW

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Carri! I was training for a marathon and began having problems with tight muscles in my left leg. The tightness was getting too uncomfortable to bear. I’m an experienced runner, so when I couldn’t work out the tightness with my own stretches and a foam roller, I decided I needed some help. Carri was referred to me, and I’m very happy she was. She put me at ease during my initial consult and her evaluations were spot on. She was able to diagnose that the issue was not originating in my leg, but actually stemmed from my gluteal muscles and that my running gait (she had me run outside) was being thrown off due to weakness and tightness in these muscles. Carri provided a massage during each session and put together an at-home stretching plan for me. She was able to show me how to perform these stretches in her office and ensured I performed them correctly before sending me on my way. After only a week, I was able to see improvement and after a couple more weeks and a total of three sessions with Carri, I no longer felt the discomfort in my leg and gluteal muscles. While I wasn’t able to complete the full marathon due to an unrelated issue, I was able to complete a 17 mile training run with no problem shortly after seeing Carri. I continue to run 3 miles two to three times per week as well as bicycle 3 times per week with no leg problems given that I continue to follow Carri's guidance. I highly recommend Carri for any athletic muscle tightness. Thanks, Carri!   --AG

Carri is just what I needed. She is warm, inviting, and knows what she does with passion. Thank you so much!   --MB