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Here are a few testimonials from past clients. We have the best clients and we are so grateful for them!  

A safe, inclusive, welcoming environment with a thoughtful and thorough doctor. I wish everyone's medical appointments felt like this. I was made to feel at ease mentally and physically and then after the session, I felt, and these right now are the most important feelings for me: HOPEFUL and GRATEFUL!!! Thank you!!!! :) --NW

Was having some female issues that I thought would go away with time. A year later it was worse. I so happened to stumble across Dr. Carri at the perfect timing and knew what she specialized in could maybe help me finally. She was so kind and professional and made the exam (external and internal) very comfortable. After the visit my issue was SOLVED. She made me feel so much better mentally about it as well. The one things that really stood out from my visit was how sincere and kind she was. I was telling my fiance after "she was so cool, like I wanted to ask her if she wanted to grab lunch and hang out, I mean what better way to start a friendship than a vaginal exam right?" Thanks again Dr. Carri.   --CB

I highly recommend Dr. Carri. I could echo each one of the previously posted reviews. I will add, Dr. Carri totally put me at ease immediately after meeting her. She eased all my fears with accurate information on my situation. That was such a huge relief for me. As she addressed the issue I made the appointment for, she also helped me through an different ongoing situation. She taught me correct exercises to help and instructed what exercise to eliminate. That has made a huge difference in eliminating pain! Little extra tips have been very, very helpful. Dr. Carri is very knowledgeable and caring. It is a big plus that she is only with one patient at a time. You are her priority!   --LD

Wonderful professional and caring bedside manner. Thank you for explaining everything so clearly and making me feel comfortable in what could have been an uncomfortable appointment. Also I have hope for the first time in 10 years!! You’re amazing! --DS 

Dr. Carri's physical therapy practice is amazing. She spends a full hour, one on one, each session, listening to your needs, investigating sources of dysfunction/pain, and has great hands on manual skills. She understands that life is busy, and makes it easy to incorporate exercises into my day. Very sweet, big heart, really wants to see you get better!! So grateful to have a pelvic floor PT specialist in the Long Beach area!!   --SD

Dr. Dominick is great! I went to her for lower back pain which was a result of my pregnancy/diastasis recti. She provided one-on-one treatment throughout the entire appointment, with a lot of hands-on manual therapy. She also taught me a lot of exercises to do at home which have continued to help me. I highly recommend her!   --RJ

Dr. Dominick is amazing! Kind, smart, calm, easy to talk to, and a good listener--everything a tired and emotional new mama needs! I saw her for postpartum therapy, but she helped me with so much more than that. For each session, she worked with me one-one-one, showing me different exercises, which she then put together into an individualized plan that she emailed after the session was over. I saw improvements in the areas where I was having issues, and I also learned things about my posture and form that I didn't know before! She also hosts lots of workshops and classes that are prenatal and postpartum related. I recommend her to all of my mama friends if they need prenatal/postpartum therapy. PPT health can feel like a taboo topic, but Dr. Dominick normalizes and validates your PPT experience. Every PPT mama should see her!   --RL

My experience with Dr. Carri at Recharge Therapy was amazing! I was a little skeptical at first if my problem would ever be solved but she reassured me it would be, even if it took some time. She was very accommodating of my schedule as well which was a huge plus for me. I am so happy I went to her for my issue. She made it not as awkward and answered any and every question I had. Getting help from her literally changed my life--the initial problem has completely gone away. I highly recommend her for your physical therapy needs!   --CM
Massage Testimonials

Shirene is so good at tailoring your massage to your individual needs. She’s amazing!!

Shirene is the BEST!! That's why my wife and I are repeat clients! Can't wait for our next appointments!

I loved being able to lie on my stomach for pregnancy massage. Heaven!

Shirene is wonderful and I look forward to coming back soon

I loved everything about my experience with Shirene !!!!

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