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2 Tips To Not Pee Your Pants When You Sneeze

Updated: Jan 23

Do you sometimes pee your pants when you sneeze?

Are you afraid of this happening?

Here are two tips to prevent bladder leakage when you sneeze

  1. Let it out.

  2. Do a kegel --squeeze when you sneeze!

1. Let Your Sneeze Out

Many people, especially women, try to keep their sneeze quiet. This is something we have been taught socially. It's the polite thing to do.

Well, this politeness is ruining your pants, your confidence and your pelvic floor.

When we try to hold in a sneeze it puts pressure directly down to the pelvic floor.

Think of our insides as having a long tube from our mouth or nose to the vagina or rectum. There is an opening at each end, the mouth or nose at one end and the vagina or rectum at the other end. There are no openings in between.

A sneeze is trying to get something out of your nose and it creates a lot of pressure to do that. If we close off the top end of the tube, all that pressure is going down to the other end. If we let out our sneeze, then the pressure goes out the opening of the mouth and nose, so it is much less pressure on the pelvic floor and less the pelvic floor muscles have to overcome to prevent leakage.

2. Do a kegel

To give a little more strength and closure you can also do a kegel when you sneeze. Squeeze when you sneeze. This way you are mindfully giving more pressure and closure to the vaginal end so pee doesn't come out.

Here is a video I made explaining this.

Try these two tips and let me know if they help. For many of my clients if they do these two things, even just letting their sneeze out, they have much less bladder leakage.

Don't forget to cover your mouth when you sneeze! Let it out, but still cover your mouth to be socially acceptable and not spread germs.

If you want to learn more ways to decrease bladder leakage, check out my free bladder masterclass.

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