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Coccydynia (Tailbone Pain)

Coccydynia is the technical term for tailbone pain. The tailbone is called the coccyx in anatomical language, so coccydynia just means tailbone pain.

This is something we treat commonly and very succesfully at Recharge Therapy. The majority of our clients need 4 visits at once per week to get better. 4 visits isn't that much of an investment compared to the months and years most of our clients have suffered prior to coming to us. After 4 visits every single client tells us, "I wish I did this sooner. I didn't know it would be so easy to fix."

The truth is, there isn't really any exercise or stretch you can do to fix the tailbone alignment. We treat the soft tissues surrounding the tailbone and then work on gently bringing it back into alignment. Very rarely will we have to go internally to fix the tailbone. I can think of only 1 client in the past 3 years who needed internal work to fix her tailbone, and she had other complaints besides the tailbone pain, so the truth is, none of our patients need internal work to fix the tailbone.

Many of our clients have gone to chiropractors to try to fix their tailbone pain but without success. Some chiropractors don't address the very end of the spine where the tailbone is so they aren't effective at easing tailbone pain. Some will go directly to the tailbone to adjust it but also with little relief.

We find that we need to address the soft tissues surrounding the tailbone and not just "adjust" it. We also don't do "chiropractic adjustments" but rather more gentle coaxing bones and joints back into place.

Tailbone pain can come from falling on your bottom, starting a new exercise program, pregnancy or childbirth, cycling, or from an unknown origin. Those are just some examples of what patient's have told us started their tailbone pain.

Here are some comments from patients who have been healed from their tailbone pain from our therapy. They are all posted with permission.

Give us a call if you want to discuss your tailbone pain more in depth to make sure we can help you. Also, please share this article with your friends and family you know are suffering with tailbone pain so they don't have to continue suffering.

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