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Pelvic Floor Therapy For Kids

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Does your child wet the bed still even though they are potty trained?

Do they have poop accidents? That could be as little as smearing in their underwear or an entire bowel movement in their pants.

Do they accidently pee their pants at school or in public?

Are they of the age where they should be potty trained?

Have they been potty trained and now are having accidents?

These are all things pelvic floor therapy can help children with.

Mom hugging child

You should definitely be talking to your child’s pediatrician to make sure there isn’t a medical reason for this, and if there is no medical condition pelvic floor therapy may be the solution. Pelvic floor therapy can also work in conjunction with medical treatment if necessary.

Often there is some underlying constipation that needs to be taken care of, but then pelvic floor therapy can help kids maintain healthy bowels. Constipation can cause bowel or bladder incontinence in children.

There are techniques we can teach the child in pelvic floor therapy to help them poop easier and more consistently.

Kids sitting on therapy balls

We also work on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to prevent bowel or bladder leakage until the child can get to the toilet.

Pelvic floor therapy for kids involves the parent/family as well because often the parent/caregiver needs to help with the home exercises, but it also involves tracking bowel and bladder habits, making sure the child is getting enough fiber and water to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Pelvic floor therapy can significantly improve the lives of children and their families who are having bowel and bladder accidents.

If you have questions about pelvic floor therapy for your child, please book a free phone session where the therapist has time set aside for you to answer your questions.

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