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Pelvic Floor Therapy Isn't Just for Moms, It's for Men, too.

People often think pelvic floor therapy is only for moms after they've had a baby.

Although this is probably my most common patient I see for pelvic floor therapy, I also treat many other types of clients for pelvic floor therapy.

I see clients who are male, female and transgender.

In this writing we are going to talk about physical therapy for men.

I see many men for pelvic floor therapy.

Men can need pelvic floor therapy after prostate surgery because they have urine leakage and erectile dysfunction.

Men need pelvic floor therapy for pelvic pain, non-bacterial chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, Peyroine's disease, constipation, incontinence, frequent urination and tailbone pain.

These are some of the common reasons why men come to pelvic floor therapy.

Men, if you aren't having incontinence, but are having pain, burning, even erectile dysfunction, you probably don't need to be doing kegels.

For all my patients with any type of pelvic pain or burning, kegels are not usually the answer!

I think we hear the word kegels and that is what we associate with anything to do with the pelvic floor, but often for many of my male clients, kegels are not the answer and are probably not helping the symptoms.

It is rare, without some medical procedure or surgery, for men to have incontinence. For my men with incontinence, then they likely will need to do kegels, but more often than just doing a lot of reps of kegels, they need help with coordinating their pelvic floor muscle contractions.

Most of the male clients I see are coming for some sort of pelvic pain, burning or chronic prostatitis. If this is you, please stop doing kegels! If a muscle is hurting or burning it is probably already too tight and so we don't need to exercise it more and make it tighter. Often we need to work on relaxing the muscle (harder than it sounds), and stretching the muscles in the area.

Men, I don't want you to feel left out! There are many reasons men could need pelvic floor therapy and they generally have really good outcomes with pelvic floor therapy. Most of my male clients are so happy they found pelvic floor therapy to help them and once they finish their sessions of pelvic floor therapy they have no more pain or incontinence.

Men, please feel free to reach out for help or find a pelvic floor therapist near you.

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