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Sex With Prolapse

I get these question a lot.

Can I have sex with a prolapse?

Will sex make the prolapse worse?

Will my partner feel the prolapse?

Will the prolapse prohibit penetration?

My answers are based partly on knowing the anatomy and partly based on feedback from clients with prolapse.

Yes, you can have sex with a prolapse and it won't make the prolapse worse. There may be different positions that feel better or worse for you, but sex won't worsen the prolapse.

Most clients tell me their partner couldn't feel the prolapse. Honestly, they should just be happy to have intercourse with you is my personal opinion. You may need to work out which positions are best for both of you, but no one has told me the prolapse interfered with their partner's ability to penetrate or achieve ejaculation. If you have experienced otherwise please email me. I like to hear either way.

Prolapse will not inhibit penetration. During a pelvic exam I can move your prolapse with my finger, so it isn't a hard stop, and therefore a penis or toy should have no problem with penetration.

I encourage you to engage in sexual activity when you are ready, even with a prolapse. If you want more personalized tips for you and your prolapse, schedule an in person evaluation.

In an evaluation we can figure out which organs are prolapsed and how much they are prolapsed. Based on that information we can give you some recommendations on which sexual positions may feel more comfortable for you because your organs will be in a more supported position. We can also give you exercises and advice on how to improve your prolapse or prevent it from worsening.

You can schedule here.

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