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Supportive and Compression Garments for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Pelvic Pain Conditions

I often recommend to clients and followers different compression garments, so I thought I would put all the recommendations together into one place for easy access.

Why compression? What is the difference between these recommendations and athletic gear?

First, I must say this is not a comprehensive list, but some of the most common brands I recommend. Also, at the time of this writing I have no affiliations with any of these companies. I have some commonly recommended compression garments for male pelvic floor issues, but those aren't included here.

There are lines of athletic clothing now that are rated as compression garments. I couldn't find a rating of compression on any of the garments. Most stated they are "tight fitting" but that doesn't equal compression.

According to an article I found in The Guardian (1), there has been shown no difference in elite athletic performance with or without compression garments. Also, scientists think, but there is no evidence, that compression should be between 20-30 mm Hg to have a physiological effect. Most athletic "compression" garments don't have this. The other difference is I am recommending garments that are designed for specific areas of compression in the pelvis and abdomen, where athletic gear has the same amount of compression throughout the garment.

Athletic performance aside, lets get back to pregnancy, postpartum and pelvic supports.

For clients who have pelvic congestion syndrome or prolapse there are specific garments that support the pelvis by offering compression. One of my favorites is from the website "Its You Babe." I recommend their PF Press or V2 Supporter.

For severe prolapse a patient may need an internal organ support called a pessary. Check out this blog for more info on pessaries. A medical doctor has to evaluate and fit a person for a pessary.

These next garments are designed for pregnancy and postpartum abdominal and pelvic floor support, but I use these recommendations for clients with pelvic congestion syndrome and prolapse as well because the compression support is in the same areas.

SRC has a line of clothing that started with leggings and shorts for pregnancy and postpartum support. They now have leggings for sports, surgery and recovery for men and women.

Bao Bei Maternity is another clothing line that has clothing designed specifically for pregnancy and postpartum. I hear amazing feedback about their maternity and postpartum bloom underwear. They also have a great line of postpartum support shorts and leggings. Pregnant people also really like their belly bands for some extra support they can wear under their work clothes.

These are a few of my favorite brands. They aren't cheap but very often are worth the investment if your every day athletic gear isn't providing enough compression or support.

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