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What Type of Massage or Bodywork is Right for Me?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

When you book a massage, what outcome do you expect at the end? For most, it's to feel comfortable with your massage, relieve pain, and have improved mobility.

However, every body has its own needs and pain points and for this reason, there are several massage types to address a person's needs and ailments at the moment they see a massage therapist. An expecting mother may need prenatal massage now, but down the road, may need cupping or trigger point massage.

Our bodies are challenged in different ways throughout our lifetime and that's why it's important to offer a variety of bodywork to address a person's evolving needs.

Below is a quick breakdown of the types of massage and bodywork we offer and the benefits for each:

Craniosacral Therapy or CST

This is not your typical massage. Cranio (head) sacral (tailbone area) therapy uses very light touch to relieve tension and balance the fluids that surround the brain and spinal cord (which make up the central nervous system). A patient can remain fully clothed during CST while they experience very gentle pressure - under five grams, which is the approximate weight of a nickel.

Benefits: CST can be a stand-alone treatment or be combined with other massage therapy. It can help with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, headaches, neck pain, and stress (just to name a few).


Cupping is an ancient healing therapy used to ease pain and inflammation, and assist with blood flow and relaxation. Traditional cupping therapy involves cups made of glass or silicone. The cups are placed on the skin to create suction. Imagine your skin being pulled away from your body. You may feel a slightly intense pinch in tense areas, but the cups can be released and moved around to improve your comfort and create a massage-like feel.

If you love deep-tissue massages or foam rolling, you will enjoy traditional cupping therapy.


The advanced version of cupping, MediCupping, uses a machine that creates suction and pulls the tissues into the cup. This allows for a gentle manipulation and release of body tissues. This type of therapy offers the same benefits and muscle release as deep tissue massage, however the feel is more tender.

Benefits: Great for muscle injuries, pain, tightness, and to reduces stress. If you enjoy the affects of deep tissue massages, but not the feel of them, you may enjoy this type of therapy.

Lymphatic/Oncology Massage

Your lymphatic system is made up of tiny tubes and lymph nodes. This system helps manage the fluids in your body and protects the body from allowing illnesses to spread throughout the body. The lymphatic system can be damaged by radiation therapy, surgery, or tissue damage. When this happens, swelling can occur or lymphedema.

This is where lymphatic massage comes in. This type of massage does not have the same pressure deep tissue massage, it is very light because the lymphatic system is right under the skin. If you've been treated for cancer or had your lymph nodes removed or damaged, lymphatic massage is for you.

Benefits: Ideal for patients with lymphedema or swelling or those who are at risk of developing it. Lymphatic message can also improve sleep and immune response, and help with anxiety.

Prenatal or Pregnancy Massage

This type of massage is specifically for people during pregnancy. The Swedish massage technique is typically used and involves long, sweeping strokes, and deep tissue massage can be incorporated into certain areas of the body during pregnancy. We also have special pillows and supports so the pregnant person can lie on their belly during their massage and it feels so good!

Benefits: Hormone regulation, helps with swelling of the joints or edema, and improves nerve pain, joint pain and back pain. Prenatal massage can also improve sleep, reduce headaches, muscle tension, anxiety, and stress.

Scar Massage

Scar massage is great if you have had a surgery. No one talks about this, but the scar can get bound down to the tissue layers below the surface and can cause pain and pulling in that area.

Benefits: Ideal for people who have had a surgery (once the scar is fully healed). Also recommended for anyone who has had a c-section. Scar massage will help with overall healing, function and aesthetics.

Our office also offers the typical deep tissue and therapeutic massage, but if you're considering any of the bodywork mentioned above, give us a call or schedule an appointment today.

Your body deserves the TLC that is right for you.

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