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Postpartum Exercise Class

This class is designed for newly postpartum moms and those who aren't so newly postpartum but can't find a class that fits their needs.


This class is for those who have diastasis recti, prolapse, bladder leakage, back pain or any other postpartum thing that hasn't fully healed yet.


This class is different than other local mom workout groups. I fully support many other mom workout groups, however those classes are often too intense for the moms who come through my doors.  The modifications aren't enough.  They feel like they can't keep up. They're worried about bladder leakage.


This group class will focus a lot of rebuilding strength postpartum, especially of the muscles that got stretched, shifted and weakened through pregnancy and delivery.


We will also focus on stretching the muscles that are tight from breastfeeding, holding your baby or child or going back to work at a computer for hours a day.


What won't be included in this class? Running, jumping and impact exercises. 


A class that is safe and comfortable for those with prolapse or bladder leakage. 


There will be no embarrassing exercises that feel risky (ahem, no jumping jacks or burpees).


Classes will be held at a park so we can stay safe and healthy together. It's also nice to get some fresh air during the day.


I will be leading this class series so if you want to work with me this is a very deep discount compared to my 1-on-1 PT sessions. 

Class registration will be held on a monthly basis. The cost of 1 weekly class for the month is less than 1 private PT session with me.

If you are interested be sure to sign up right away as the class size will be kept small.

(It looks funny how it appears on the booking website, like it is just one day, but it will be for the entire month. It only shows the first class date when you sign up)

If you cannot attend this session, but are interested in future sessions, please fill out our survey to let us know what works for you and your schedule.


-in person


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