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Adult Sex Education

Many of us have come to adulthood and never really had any sex education.

Most of what we learn about sex comes from incomplete sources such as religion, porn or our own experiences.

Have you wanted to learn more?

Do you think some things are missing about your knowledge of sex?

Is sex painful?

Do you have difficulty reaching orgasms?

Has pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, divorce or some other life circumstance changed how sex feels?

I treat many clients in the clinic for pelvic pain and besides working on the tight muscles, I do a lot of educating my clients on how to make sex less painful.

What I have found over the years is most of us have no idea how sex works and how we engage in sex in its entirety can help make sex more pleasurable and less painful.

Sex is more than just putting a penis into a vagina and then magically both partners have orgasms at the same time.

That is porn, not real life.

Unfortunately most of us haven't been taught about the biology, anatomy and physiology of sex. 

Most of us have nowhere to get this information and for many people sex is a taboo topic that isn't talked about, even between partners.

Join Us For A Live Educational Mini-Series

I've teamed up with a sex therapist and a sex coach to teach you how to have a better sex life in a 3 part mini series on zoom.


During the first week I will teach you all about the anatomy, physiology and biology of sex.

Jennifer Walker, LMFT is a licensed sex therapist and will teach you how to expand your definition of sex, how to communicate with your partner and how to keep your sex life alive and healthy in a long term relationship.

Tiffany Yelverton is a sex coach who will teach you how to have more orgasms, pleasure, and confidence in the bedroom.

When and Where

These sessions will be held live on zoom for 3 consecutive weeks on

Wednesdays at 7 pm pacific time

January 24th: Dr. Carri Dominick, PT 

topic: anatomy and physiology of sex

-how to decrease pain with sex

January 31st: Jennifer Walker, LMFT

topic: the mental and relational aspects of sex

-how to ask your partner for what you want

-expanding your definition of sex

-how to maintain a healthy sex life in a long term relationship

February 7th: Tiffany Yelverton

topic: more pleasure and orgasms

-how to have more orgasms with sex

Register here to get the zoom links emailed to you.

Everyone who registers will get the recording sent to them.

Investment: $25/class or $57 for the series

Who Is This For?


- learn anatomy of why sex may be painful

- learn how to use anatomy to increase pleasure

- learn how to be mentally present during sex

- tools to decrease pain with sex

- exercises to decrease pain with sex


- learn how to help your partner experience less pain

- learn techniques you can use on your partner to help them experience less pain and more pleasure

-learn why your partner may not be interested in sex and how to increase interest

- make this the best Valentine's Day for both of you!


-  this is for you too!

- learn anatomy

- learn how to decrease pain and increase pleasure for you or your partner

- a safe place to ask questions if you or your partner have had gender affirming surgery

Meet The Presenters

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