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Hormones are a Changin

Let’s talk about hormones. These play a role in a lot of the conditions I treat. I can’t change your hormones or prescribe hormonal supplements, but I have referrals for those who can help. I’ve been asked a lot lately about natural alternatives to synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones are safe and are currently prescribed in significantly lower doses than when they originally were released on the market (in the 70’s). Chinese medicine herbs or doctors trained in integrative functional medicine can often prescribe herbal supplements that mimic hormones. Naturopathic doctors can also prescribe bio-identical hormones that are made from yam base. I also recently met one ob/gyn in LA who uses bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. There are options if you don’t want to take synthetic hormones. If you are happy with synthetic hormones and that works for you that is great also. It is very individualistic.

I see a lot of young women with endometriosis and pelvic pain and physical therapy can help with the pelvic pain, but often they need supplements to balance the hormonal component of the endometriosis. There are natural alternatives to birth control. I see a lot of postpartum women. As long as the mom is breastfeeding the hormonal levels are altered which can cause vaginal dryness and pain with sex. This will change once mom stops breastfeeding, so use a lubricant for now.

I see a lot of pre- and post-menopausal women and hormone levels are changing causing vaginal dryness and thinning of the tissues. This impacts sexual pleasure and bladder function. Often a local estrogen cream or ring will help but there are natural alternatives as well. Ask your ob/gyn for the estrogen cream or ring or find a naturopath who can prescribe you a natural alternative.

I see men with erectile dysfunction as well. Physical therapy can help a component of erectile dysfunction if there are tight muscles involved, but often a component of erectile dysfunction is low testosterone.

As in most of the conditions I treat, I can treat the tissues such as the muscles and ligaments, but often these conditions are complex and require a team approach, which I am happy to do my part and refer to those who can contribute their expertise. We are all human beings, not individual body parts or body systems, and often these interact.

If you are having pelvic pain, endometriosis, bladder control issues or erectile dysfunction call to see how we can help. Please also share this information with those who may need this.

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