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2 Products That Can Help With Painful Sex

Is sex painful? Sex should never be painful, but if it is here are some products that can help. These are a good place to start, but also scheduling an appointment to see a pelvic physical therapist should also be part of your plan. We want sex to be pleasurable for you and not painful. Painful sex is never normal. It doesn't mean you are broken or something is wrong with you, it just means we need to figure out how to make your body work with you and for you in order to have pleasurable sex. It is possible! We help people with this every week.

In the meantime, here are some at home tools that can help:

1. Ohnut

This cool device is great for a vagina owner who has pain with deep penetration. The rings can be placed at the base of the partner's penis or at the base of a toy, in order to limit the depth of penetration. It is made of silicone rings that can stack, so you can use as many or few as you need for comfort. It is a nice design so the depth of penetration can change based on comfort and how many rings you choose to use.

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2. Soul Source dilators

I often recommend dilator use at home in addition to pelvic floor therapy for vagina owners who have pelvic pain. These can help stretch the vaginal opening and release some tension in the vaginal tissues. I like the Soul Source silicone dilators; they are very comfortable because they are soft and not rigid like some hard plastic dilators that are on the market. They come in a variety of sizes and I like with Soul Source you can buy the dilators individually or in a set. Many companies only sell dilators in a set, which most people will need progressively larger dilators, but sometimes a person is at the same level of dilation for awhile. Or maybe they have a large partner and need something outside the standard set. Some people have very sensitive vaginal openings and needs to start with an extra small dilator. Soul Source has a large variety of options. Silicone is also a body safe material that won't harbor bacteria.

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With these two products if you are using a lubricant (which you should with dilators), you need to use a water-based lubricant. I like silicone based lubricants, they feel nice and smooth, but silicone products are not compatible with silicone lubricants.

Here are some organic water based lubricants I like. Many of these brands also sell silicone based products, so if you are planning to use these with the above products, make sure you select a water based product.

1. Good Clean Love

2. Yes Yes Yes

3. Slippery Stuff

4. Sliquid

These products are a great resource to help reduce pain with intercourse and sexual activity, however it is important to fix the cause of the pain. This is our specialty and we would love to help you have more pleasure and less pain with sex. Schedule online or call to set up an appointment.

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