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Homemade Weights

Since gyms have been closed in my area (LA county) for months it has been difficult and expensive to buy any kind of exercise equipment. There are waiting lists for online orders. Stores are sold out of every kind of exercise equipment and used exercise equipment is selling for astronomical prices. I saw online someone trying to sell 10# dumbbells for $60! That is so expensive!

I did a little experiment with different sized water bottles and weighed them. These aren't super heavy weights, but it is something super simple if you are just starting out lifting weights or are doing rehab exercises that require light weights.

For years I have told my clients to use a water bottle or a 16 oz can for a 1# weight at home.

Here are some different sized water bottles and their corresponding weights.

Let me know if you have tried this or if you have used something else for weights at home. There are lots of creative and low cost ways to create weights for exercise at home.

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