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One Important Reason Why You Should See a Pelvic Floor Therapist During Pregnancy.

Are you pregnant? Have you read every book, signed up for every class, written your birth plan and done everything you can to have the ideal birth?

I have one reason why you should see a pelvic floor therapist prior to giving birth: to learn how to push properly and decrease your risk of tearing or needing an episiotomy. It can also shorten your pushing phase of labor and make for an easier delivery.

Often in birthing books and classes the only mention of the pelvic floor is to do kegels. Kegels are great and can help strengthen and support the pelvic floor as the uterus and baby grow and place more pressure on the pelvic floor. It might help prevent or decrease incontinence, but when it comes time for actually delivering a baby vaginally did anyone talk about how to push?

I think a lot of birthing books and classes assume this comes naturally to the birthing parent, but often in today's high stress, high anxiety, fast paced society, people are already holding tension in their pelvic floor muscles and don't know how to relax and push. Kegels are just going to create more tightness and tension and are not helpful at all in the delivery room.

This is the biggest reason to see a pelvic floor PT during pregnancy: to learn how to push properly! This can help make delivery easier and decrease the length of the pushing phase, decrease tearing, episiotomies and hemorrhoids, and decrease the risk of cesarean section due to time in labor. We can test your pelvic floor muscles to see if they kegel properly and are able to push properly as well. If not, you can learn that in pelvic PT and practice prior to going into labor.

Pelvic floor PT during pregnancy can also address any aches and pains and teach you stretches to do to prepare for labor as well. We also teach what a normal recovery timeline would be expected and when to follow up with pelvic floor PT after birth, because your doctor is probably not telling you to go to pelvic PT. They also aren't telling you that it isn't normal to pee yourself or how to make sex less painful and how to safely return to exercise.

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