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Pregnancy Info For All 4 Trimesters, Including Postpartum (The 4th Trimester)

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Recently I went live once a month to talk about how pelvic floor therapy can help during each trimester of pregnancy. Yes we talk about 4 trimesters, which I know doesn't make sense, but postpartum has been dubbed the 4th trimester, and it is just as important as the three trimesters of pregnancy.

In the first trimester talk I'm joined by Diane our prenatal massage therapist where she talks about the benefits of prenatal massage. We discuss what is medically recommended and what is not advised and why during the first trimester for both physical therapy and massage.

In the second trimester I talked about common pregnancy pains that physical therapy can help with. I also explained a pelvic floor exam and why we do it during pregnancy and why kegels are not recommended to do during pregnancy.

In the third trimester talk I spoke about preparing the pelvic floor for birth, more about kegels and how physical therapy helps with pregnancy pains. You don't have to live in pain just because you are pregnant!

And the fourth trimester talk I spoke about a more realistic timeline for healing, not just your 6 week check up, and when you should seek pelvic floor therapy postpartum. I also discussed diastasis recti and kegels (they might be appropriate in postpartum) and how to safely return to exercise postpartum.

These videos are a good summary of what to expect and how pelvic floor therapy and massage can help throughout your pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

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