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The Recharge Therapy Difference

These are my rehab exercises for my back pain. Ankle strengthening, but my pain was in my back. So why ankle exercises? This is the Recharge Therapy difference. We will not only address your reason for coming to see us but also how and why that happened. ⚡️We look at the immediate concern. ⚡️Factors contributing to that main problem. ⚡️Lifestyle factors in the short and long term that led to that becoming a problem. For me the immediate problem was back pain. That was caused by a weak and unstable ankle when I went for a run. I had gone for a run in the morning when this happened and I know my body doesn’t like morning workouts anymore. I also am very flexible so I need to work on strength training to feel good and since gyms have been closed for months I haven’t been strength training like I normally would. All important factors in my injury. You will get this same level of in depth assessment at Recharge Therapy. We don’t just treat the immediate problem but look at all the lifestyle factors that lead up to it and educate you on how to stay healthy.

Here is what I am doing in this video. Also, the video is just a demonstration of the exercises. In my rehab I do 10-20 reps of each exercise, and as you can see these are hard for me! I need work too, just like everyone else.

  1. Heel raises on two legs

  2. Single leg heel raises

  3. Single leg RDL (Romanian dead lift)

  4. Toe CARs (controlled articular rotations from Functional Range Conditioning)

If you have been to physical therapy and it didn't help, I urge you to try again with a different therapist and find a place where they will actually spend the time with you to examine all these things. These philosophies apply to pelvic floor therapy just as much as they apply to sports injuries.

We are open for in person and virtual appointments. Go to our "book online" page to schedule.

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