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Virtual Exercise Classes For Those Who Don't Want To Run and Jump

You asked and we are bringing it to you.

We are starting virtual exercise classes this week.

These classes will be 30 minutes with Dr. Carri and will focus on stretching, mobility, and strengthening.

For now all you need is a mat or a space about the size of a yoga mat.

In the future we may add some resistance bands to our exercise.

We will get our bodies moving, more mobile and less stiff.

We will work on core strengthening, hip strengthening, upper back and shoulder strength as our main focuses of strength. We will add in other strengthening exercises as well.

These classes are open to anyone.

They are designed especially for my postpartum people, those with back, hip or pelvic pain, those with incontinence and diastasis recti.

These classes are for the people who feel like they can't keep up or their body isn't ready for running and jumping and impact exercise.

These classes will help rebuild strength and flexibility in order for your body to be able to do more with less pain and problems.

Check out the calendar here or here.

The only equipment you may need is a mat and some resistance bands.

If you need home equipment I recommend these resistance bands, these looped resistance bands and this mat.

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