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Who Should Get Postpartum Rehab?

In my opinion, anyone who has birthed a child should get postpartum rehab, whether or not they feel like they have something wrong.

The body just went through so many changes during 9 months of pregnancy and birthing a baby that everyone could benefit from postpartum rehab to learn what is normal recovery and what needs further treatment.

If the birthing person wants to return to exercise, they should definitely get postpartum rehab advice to make sure their body has recovered properly from pregnancy and birth and to get guidance to return to exercise safely.

Anyone who had a c-section should also get postpartum rehab because they not only birthed a child, but they had abdominal surgery. There are ways to optimize healing of the c-section scar and the abdominal muscles that are unique to this population. If you don't have access to postpartum rehab, I created a 4 week online course specifically for c-section moms. You can check it out and join here.

Anyone who gives birth vaginally should also be assessed for pelvic healing, if they want.

Pelvic pain, non-healing diastasis recti, urinary incontinence, prolapse and many other side effects of giving birth don't have to be issues you live with for the rest of your life. Postpartum rehab can address all these issues.

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