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At Home Strength Training

We have created an at home strength training program just for you!

This is designed for new moms, old moms and non moms alike!

It is 40+ minutes of joint friendly, muscle and bone building exercise.

It can all be done with minimal equipment. You only need some sort of weights (see our previous blog about how to use some simple items from your home as weights) and a resistance exercise band like this advanced version or this easier version.

This video has 7 different sections: upper body strengthening, upper body stretching, lower body strengthening, lower body stretching, balance, core, and lower back stretching.

You can choose to do the entire video at once or you can do one section at a time.

This entire video is designed by me, a physical therapist. These are all safe exercises that I commonly give to my clients. Nothing should be stressful on your joints, and if it is, I give modifications throughout.

You can download from the website here or if you prefer a DVD you can purchase that here.

Here is to building strong muscles and strong bones for life.

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