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Virtual Physical Therapy

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Since we are all currently practicing socially distancing, we are offering virtual physical therapy sessions. How does that possibly work? You have probably asked yourself this question already.

We definitely can't do any hands on therapy, which is a huge part of how I generally work with my clients, however there is a ton of other stuff we can do.

You may not get the instant gratification and warm fuzzy feelings of that tight muscle being released, but I can teach you how to self-release it. This is normally what I teach my clients during therapy sessions. I will work on them and then I will teach them things they can do at home to help support the work we accomplished in the clinic. Now we skip step one and go straight to what you can do for yourself. It may not be as immediately gratifying, but in the long run this is always the end goal: eradicate the pain by finding and fixing the source of the pain and teach the client how to self-manage and prevent the pain or problem from returning.

How it works: I send you a link to my HIPAA compliant (privacy protected) virtual office. It is a simple browser link for you to click on. You don't have to download any software or programs, and we see each other and talk via the computer, much like Zoom.

It works best if you use a computer rather than a phone and are in a well-lit space. Make sure your camera and microphone on your computer are working. Some people have tried to login and their computer microphone is off or not working so then we had to get on the phone to hear and computer to see. (The point is, we will make it work, but here is how to optimize our time).

If you can, be in a place with good internet connection. If you have lots of devices streaming at the same time try to minimize those so we don't have video delay. Also, try closing your other browser tabs to decrease bandwidth usage.

When we meet online we can chat about your concerns, your history, how long this has been bothering you and when it bothers you. If we need I can look at how you do some movements such as how flexible you are, perhaps how you run, jump or squat. It really depends what we are addressing, but often I can give you some exercises or stretches to work on based on me watching a few ways you move.

We can even work on pelvic health issues virtually. No, I will not ask to see your vagina, penis or pelvic floor. Often in pelvic floor therapy, besides the actual exam of the pelvic floor, much of what we do is education based. We talk about how and what you do during your day, what stage of life you are in (new mom, recently had surgery, etc), what exercise you like to do or not do, what hurts and when do you have pelvic floor issues such as leakage.

Based on what we talk about I can give you guidance of what things to start paying attention to and how to start making changes to improve your pelvic floor. I may suggest that you make an in-person appointment when necessary, but not always. There is always something you can start working on immediately.

As of this writing I am working on getting some virtual classes on my website that you can purchase and download that address various pelvic floor issues and other common things I treat.

Even when social distancing restrictions are lifted virtual consults will still be offered and may be a more practical option for those who are new moms, don't have babysitters easily accessible or don't live near my offices.

I would love to see you online. Email or text to set up your appointment, or book online.


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