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Toxic Toys Workshop

I recently attended a workshop hosted by Tiffany of Entice Me ( on toxic toys. This was so informative that I want to share it with you. Tiffany has done tons of research on what materials our sexual products are made of. She has contact with manufacturers and carries only safe, non-toxic toys in her online store. This was great information for me since many of my clients suffer from pelvic pain or painful intercourse. She also talked about lubricants and condoms, not just sex toys, so it was information we all can use.

I learned from her that sex toys have less regulations than children’s toys and some of the chemicals that have been banned from children’s toys because they are harmful if ingested are still in our adult toys. Many adult toys and products that are also entering our bodies are filled with unregulated chemicals. It seems odd that we don’t want certain chemicals in contact with our children, but we don’t protect adults from the same harm. I don’t remember all the chemical names so you will have to attend her class to find out more. You can register here:

With infertility and certain cancers on the rise she talked about chemicals to avoid that can contribute to these conditions such as parabens, as well as some other chemicals. She also spoke of some chemicals that are in lubricants and condoms that can contribute to yeast infections, so if you are prone to yeast infections and are using adult toys, condoms or lubricants I would suggest checking out her website and begin replacing your products with something from her store because it will not contain these harmful chemicals.

This was a very informative class I attended and if you are local to Long Beach/SoCall I would highly recommend attending her workshops. She teaches on a variety of other topics as well and I can’t wait to attend more of her workshops.

If you have pelvic pain, pain with intercourse or urinary leakage or urgency contact me to set up an appointment to have these symptoms assessed and I can then direct you to which products will be most helpful for you.

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