How 4 visits changed incontinence for my patient

This picture was posted at a recent workshop I did talking to women about pelvic floor therapy and it's so true.

So many industries prey on women’s insecurities. The fitness industry, the fashion industry, the makeup industry. All these things are fine and good, but are you purchasing these things because they make you feel good or because they make you feel like you need to be better or different or you're not good enough as you are. One industry my colleagues and I would like to put out of business is the urinary incontinence pad business. Studies show women spend up to $900 a year on pads! Here’s a story of one woman who is no longer in need of so many pads. This patient of mine is in her 80’s, healthy and active. She was originally coming to me for something else and found out I did pelvic floor therapy. After one visit she was able to control her bladder better with the techniques we showed her (credit also to my other rockstar PT). She was excited because she never had this kind of control over her bladder before. After 3 visits she told me she only used one pad in a 24 hour period! Prior to working with us she was changing her pad 2-4x/day and soaking through 2+ pads at night. The moral of the story is it’s never too late to make a change. You don’t have to come to physical therapy forever, usually just a few visits. And, investing in a few physical therapy visits will cost you much less than $900/year and give you your dignity back.

If you are ready to take control over your bladder contact us to schedule your first appointment.

Also, please share this with the women in your life who are keeping Poise and Depends in business, because we can change their lives and give them freedom from depending on pads all the time.

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