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How to Jump without Leaking

So you want to jump without peeing yourself? Here is a progression of jump training you can do. These are only guidelines, never medical advice.

Also, I have to say that nothing is better than an individual evaluation because I see women who leak with jumping and they all have different reasons for leaking. Some need to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Some need better endurance of their pelvic floor muscles. Some need to change the mechanics of how they are jumping. Everyone I see has a little different reason for what makes them leak, so these are just some guidelines to try.

First, start small. Start with a jump in place and one jump at a time. If you can’t do that, then try a smaller jump. Land with soft knees. Breathe. These are some of the things I teach patients. If you are unable to do one jump without leaking then try doing step ups on a small step, then a larger step.

Let’s say you can do one small jump in place. The next thing is to try to do multiple jumps in a row. Some women may have a threshold, like they can do 3 jumps in a row before they leak. Great, start there and build on that. Sometimes the muscle strength of the pelvic floor needs to slowly build up to be able to control the bladder for multiple jumps in a row.

If you can jump in place without leaking, then you can try box jumps, if that is your goal. Jump up onto a step or a box. Again, you may need to start with one jump at a time with a break in between. If you can do one, then build up from there to more repetitions or a higher jump. Again, always landing with soft knees.

Trampoline jumping or jumping jacks are always the most challenging! It may take awhile to be able to do these activities without leaking. Many women tell me they want to be able to jump on the trampoline with their kids, but they don’t because they leak. Practice these beginning jumps and try to build up to the trampoline. Also don’t forget to breathe and land with soft knees. It may be the multiple jumps in a row on the trampoline which also can be difficult.

Jumping jacks are the most challenging because you are landing the most impactful part of the jump with your legs apart, which is the most challenging on the pelvic floor muscles to control. This may just take time to build up to. The muscles of your pelvic floor and surrounding muscles may need time to strengthen in order to be able to support the bladder and body with this movement.

Again, the best thing I can suggest is to get an individual evaluation because every person has a different reason they leak. Try following this progression, but if you are stuck at any point it helps to have a professional evaluation of your pelvic floor, your muscle strength, and your mechanics with how you jump.

Contact me if you would like an evaluation or on my resource page there are links to find a pelvic physical therapist near you.

Please share this with any ladies you know who think they can never jump without leaking.

Happy jumping!

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